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Penwortham Dental is committed to your oral health and will help you to protect and maintain your smile through regular check ups, advanced knowledge and years of experience.

Our team of dentists and hygienists can help you devise a home care plan, to ensure your future dental health and to prevent deterioration or damage.

Below are our tips for protecting and preserving your teeth and gums:

Home care:

We recommend brushing your teeth twice a day using fluoride toothpaste. Flossing and fluoride mouthwashes are also vital in maintaining your dental health

Dental visits:

By visiting us for regular check ups, we can help maintain your oral health by detecting problems early and treating them as soon as possible. Regular visits to the dentist can help save you money as when problems are caught early enough, preventative treatment avoids the need for costly procedures at a later date

Fluoride treatments:

Fluoride helps prevent decay and stops plaque and bacteria from attacking tooth enamel. It can also work to stop bacteria from becoming acidic and eroding the tooth’s surface. Fluoride treatments are also used to restore damaged teeth


We take x-rays so that we can look at your teeth more closely and identify any problems as early as possible

Dental sealants:

A sealant acts as an invisible shield on top of molars where there is a risk of decay. The ‘seal’ protects the tooth from damage caused by decay

Fissure sealants:

A fissure sealant closes tiny cracks that appear in back teeth. If left untreated, bacteria can invade the cracks and lead to decay


Too much sugar or carbohydrates produces acid which attacks the tooth enamel and leads to erosion. We can help you make more sensible diet choices to protect your dental health


Besides the dangerous effects of smoking on your general health, it is extremely bad for your teeth and gums. Smokers often experience a higher build-up of plaque, bad breath, staining and tartar. Smoking also reduces the blood flow to the gums which can cause your gums to recede, leading to tooth loss

Please visit us regularly to maintain your dental health and prevent the need for future treatments. Book your appointment now by calling Crown Dental on 01704 563 548 to book your consultation or click here to contact us.