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Losing a tooth can be a difficult and painful experience and at Penwortham Dental we understand that resolving this issue quickly and efficiently is vital for patients’ emotional and physical wellbeing.

A missing tooth can cause various problems, such as:

Affecting a patient’s self confidence
Making it difficult to speak clearly
Problems eating certain foods
If left untreated, adjacent teeth can move into the gap causing further gum and bite issues

At Penwortham Dental, we offer a number of solutions if you have lost a tooth. These include fitting a false tooth, restoring the missing tooth with a bridge or using a dental implant.

We will discuss the best option for you as the treatment offered depends on factors such as the extent of dental damage due to trauma or decay, treatment cost and cosmetic goals.

If you have lost a tooth and would like advice or to be seen by a dentist, please call Crown Dental on 01704 563 548 to book your consultation or click here to contact us.