Orthodontic Treatment

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Dr. Arnold is offering free virtual consultations for patients interested in braces

Many adults living with crooked or protruding teeth do not realise they can benefit from discreet, affordable and virtually invisible braces to create a straight and symmetrical smile.

Patients often associate orthodontic treatment with a mouthful of metal brackets and wires or believe it is just for teenagers. At Crown Dental however, we can offer patients a discrete and innovative range of Encore ceramic braces.

Subtle straightening

Our dental practice offers advanced and clinically-proven orthodontic treatments for adults.

We use a variety of fixed clear braces which are affordable and comfortable and take far less time than traditional braces to achieve the desired results.

To take your first steps towards a straighter, more symmetrical smile, please call Crown Dental on 01704 563 548 | or click here to contact us.