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Endodontic treatment or root canal therapy is required when the inside of a tooth becomes infected.

The dentist performs endodontic treatment to protect your dental pulp (the soft tissue at the centre of the tooth) or to remove infected dental pulp and clean the inside of your tooth.

Penwortham Dental’s dentists are highly experienced in performing endodontic treatments. Our practice uses state-of-the art diagnostic and treatment equipment and our dentists are trained in the latest endodontic therapy methods to ensure your treatment is as successful as possible and the results are long-lasting.

When is endodontic treatment required?

Your dentist might recommend endodontic therapy for any of the following situations:

Ongoing tooth pain
Problems accessing tooth for treatment (where a tooth is too far back in the mouth or the opening is limited)
Anaesthetising a tooth or teeth for treatment
Complex structure of internal root canal
Root curvature is excessive
Where the root canal has to be accessed through existing crowns or bridges
Removal of root filling materials

When you attend Penwortham Dental for endodontic treatment, the dentist will perform a thorough examination and assess your tooth. X-rays will be taken so we have clear picture of what therapy is required and we will then provide a treatment plan and cost details.

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